Jacques VerduinJacques Verduin

Founder and Director

Jacques Verduin, MA Somatic Psych., is the Founder of the GRIP (Guiding Rage into Power) Program, a best-practices, comprehensive offender accountability program.  He has a 20 year history as a subject matter expert on prison rehabilitation programming, a record of successful pioneering and sustaining programs, and has cultivated a sizable network of connections in the field. Currently Director of Insight-Out, Mr. Verduin founded the Insight Prison Project, which under his leadership produced the Victim Offender Education program. His efforts helped birth the Prison Mindfulness Initiative, the Prison Yoga Project, the Insight Garden Project, Veterans Healing Veterans, among others. All of these organizations are actively replicating. In addition to California, he is a consultant to the US State Department, and he and his staff has travelled abroad to train professionals in Guatemala, El Salvador, Bosnia and the Netherlands. Email: Jacques

Susan Shannon Susan Shannon 

Senior GRIP Facilitator and subject matter expert. 

Susan Shannon, M. Div. has been involved with the GRIP program since its inception. Her background and training has been focused on program development for marginalized populations that provides emotional and spiritual support along the path of transformation and reintegration, utilizing the principles of Restorative Justice and Emotional Literacy. Susan has worked with diverse groups including refugee, monastic and homeless populations. She is currently involved with several groups within the walls of San Quentin State Prison, as well as working with youth in Marin County.

Jesse Estrin Jesse Estrin

Senior GRIP Facilitator and subject matter expert. 

Jesse Estrin, MA in Depth Psych. is a lead facilitator for Insight-Out's GRIP program in San Quentin, and brings his skills as a therapist and group facilitator to the classroom to create a safe environment for healing and transformation. He is continually inspired and amazed by the courage and power of individuals transforming themselves from violent offenders into change agents and Peace Makers. He is also working as a therapist in a community mental health clinic in San Francisco, accruing hours towards his MFT license. On a larger scale he is passionate about reclaiming meaning and interiority in a post-modern culture and fostering  conversations between emerging leaders in social justice, depth psychology, religion, and spirituality. Jesse has a Masters in Philosophy and Religion from the California Institute of Integral Studies and as well as a Masters in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute.

George Luna George Luna

Change Agent & GRIP Facilitator

George identifies as Meztizo, Chicano-American and Latino. He grew up with activism, the United Farm Workers Movement, and Cesar Chavez who would meet with his father in the basement of his house. George served thirty-five years incarcerated. He went to other prisons and didn't pull it together until he arrived to San Quentin where he became a student and facilitator of the GRIP Program . Life on the outside has proven to be full of obstacles, but now George approaches these challenges with his insight and skill. George has done more than serve his time, he has transformed his life. George became a warrior, a Change Agent, and turned the tide. George is the other me…. the one I fail to see, or perhaps even know exists. George is transcending his own predicament by serving “the other.”

altonmcsween.jpgAlton "Coach" McSween

Change Agent & GRIP Facilitator 

Alton McSween goes by the name “Coach” -- a throwback to his days coaching high school track. Coach was released from SQ State Prison on April 4, 2014, after having been granted relief under Pro 36, which now counts only serious crimes as a third strike. At the time of his release, Coach had served 12 years of a life sentence for his 3rd Strike offense of petty theft. Coach graduated from the GRIP Program and has become an agent of change. He facilitates the GRIP Program to his brothers and sisters still incarcerated in our state prisons. 

Veronica Balseiro Veronica Balseiro

Special Projects Consultant.

Veronica Balseiro, MA Management Leadership, brings her experience in social work and organizational development consulting to Insight-Out. As a social worker, she has served marginalized populations including abused children, battered women and their families, and homeless men and women. As an organizational development consultant, she has supported organizations in developing their infrastructure/systems, staff and management to enable striking increases in efficacy. After years of listening to the vast and diverse journeys of her clients, Veronica has developed an arm of her profession to include personal histories. She provides people and organizations with an opportunity to capture and share their legacies with their communities. Veronica supports Insight-Out with new and ongoing initiatives. 



We are so glad to have an exceptional advisory board, including

Jack KornfieldJack Kornfield

Jack Kornfield is a co-founder of Spirit Rock Meditation Center and a world-renowned author, speaker and teacher of Buddhist and mindfulness meditation. Jack serves Insight-Out as a personal and organizational consultant. Jack Kornfield's website.


Br. David Steindl RastBr. David Steindl Rast

Brother David serves a worldwide Network for Grateful Living, through, an interactive website with several thousand participants daily from more than 240 countries. Br. David has brought spiritual depth into the lives of countless people whom he touches through his lectures, his workshops, and his writings. Brother David's website.


Luis Rodriguez

Luis Rodriguez 

As one of the leading Chicano writers in the country, Luis is best known for his memoir of gang life, “Always Running: La Vida Loca, Gang Days in L.A." After spending his youth and young adult life in gangs, Luis turned away from the "Crazy Life" and dedicated himself to conscious revolutionary thinking and activity. He often addresses issues of violence, gangs, community building, the arts, and poetry, among others, in his travels. Luis' website.


Kris BilleterKris Billeter 

Strategic management and Organizational Consulting. Specialties: strategy, start up and growth planning and execution, executive and operational management (interim), transition and change management (M&A, turnarounds, divestitures, etc), board and governance expertise, team development and organization design.


Mutima ImaniMutima Imani

Mutima Imani is an activist and social change agent with an impressive resume of serving indigent populations in the Bay Area. Her areas of expertise are in organizational development, professional and personal development, management and diversity training.


Kris MejiaKris Mejia

Chris Mejia is a youth representative that has been through the curriculum, has worked with core staff members and has visited the prison programs.


Our steering committee, in addition to founder Jacques Verduin, includes:

beth rosales Beth Rosales, Development Associate


bill glennWilliam D. Glenn, Organizational Development Associate


gil fronsdalGil Fronsdal, Community Outreach Associate

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