GRIP Program at San Quentin State Prison

The Guiding Rage into Power (GRIP) Program at San Quentin is a year-long transformative program that provides the tools that enable prisoners to "turn the stigma of being a violent offender into a badge of being a non-violent Peacekeeper." Not only have the men transformed their own behavior, they have become agents of change - people with skills to defuse conflicts around them. This six minute video offers a rare opportunity to go inside San Quentin and witness the men actively engaged in the GRIP Program.

Enter through the gates of San Quentin to witness the GRIP Tribes in action: 


For more on the GRIP Program, please see extended versions of the GRIP Program on the PROGRAMS tab of our website. Get a more in-depth view of the men as they learn how to stop their violence, become emotionally intelligent, cultivate mindfulness, and come to understand victim impact. The year-long journey culminates in a rite of passage, the GRIP Graduation at San Quentin.

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